Future Productions



by John Godber

Directed by Kitty Cecil-Wright

Monday 12 – Saturday 17 November 2018 


Bittersweet recollections of coming of age in a West Yorkshire family.

Full of warmth, understanding and humour, this is an affectionate and appealing portrait of an ordinary family struggling with change, bereavement and the generation gap. On his graduation day in 1978, John looks back over his teenage years, from 1967-1973, recalling all the embarrassments, tensions, joys and sorrows of family life in West Yorkshire. Older and better educated, he finds himself alienated from his working-class family who cannot understand his growing intellect and theatrical aspirations.


‘A Bunch of Amateurs’

by Ian Hislop & Nick Newman

Directed by Colin Keir

Monday 11 – Saturday 16 February 2019


‘The Doctor’s Dilemma’

by George Bernard Shaw

Directed by Negar Esfandiary

Monday 29 April – Saturday 4 May 2019