‘ZACK’ by Harold Brighouse

directed by Ruth and Peter Wagstaffe

for production 23 – 28 April 2018

Although less well known than Brighouse’s hugely popular Hobson’s Choice, Zack continues the theme of family strife and intrigue in Lancashire in the early 1900s. In the middle class Munning household, Mrs Munning has inherited a struggling joinery business from her late husband and, to make ends meet, she also runs her own specialty catering. The company is managed with cold, ruthless efficiency by her son Paul. Although warm-hearted, her younger son Zack is somewhat clumsy, laid-back and unkempt. He has been long since written off as useless and kept out of the way.
When Mrs Munning’s niece Virginia comes to stay to convalesce in the country after an illness, Mrs Munnings engages a maid, Sally, to give the impression that they are thriving. Zack’s innocent comforting of employee Joe Wrigley’s daughter Martha is misinterpreted as an act that will require him to marry her, but this fits in with Paul’s plans to marry into Virginia’s money. However, when it comes to light that Zack is rather more important to the business than his brother or mother suspected, Virginia takes charge to force an ending that neither of them expected.

Set in the Village of Little Hulton, Lancashire (“Hobson country”), Zack provides plenty of scope for developing some well-defined and entertaining characters.


Characters and indicative age range of actors:

 Mrs Munnings 40- 60ish
Paul Munning 30 to 45
Zachariah Munning 25 to 40
Virginia Cavender 20 to 35
Sally Teale 18 to 25 (could adjust to be older)
Joe Wrigley 40 – 60
Martha Wrigley 18 – 30

Minor parts (could also suit back stage crew)

Thomas Abbott 40 upwards
Harry Shoebridge 40 upwards
James Abbott 30-70

Venue: The Lymington Centre at 7.30 pm

 For more information contact: Ruth and Peter on 01590 610659 or email:-