Directed by Jim Lockwood

Audition:  Lymington Community Centre, Fuller HallTuesday 19 July 2022, 7pm

 Performance Dates November 7-12, 2022

The Play

A fast-paced comedy romp (from the creator of “Rising Damp”) in which five very different people play an escalating and hilarious game of cat and mouse.

John and Barbara Miles return from a celebratory dinner with their friends Jenny and Trevor Farrington to discover that their country house has been burgled and the burglar, Spriggs, is still there.  Spriggs, a career criminal, initially convinces everyone that he is the local policeman sent to investigate the crime. Once unmasked as the thief, Spriggs skilfully manipulates and corrupts each character; exposing guilty secrets, childhood rivalries and character flaws, all of which threaten to disrupt seemingly happy marriages and lifelong friendships. Through shrewd observations and stinging one liners the characters provide an entertaining, thought provoking and witty social commentary on key issues such as marriage, money, morality and crime.

The play is set in the late 1970’s / early 80’s – certainly pre-mobile phones.

The Characters

Two married couples who (on the surface at least) are old friends ……… and a burglar.

The roles are all very similar in size with Spriggs at the hub.

No age requirements but the couples must look right together and the burglar must not look too athletic.

In order of appearance:-


Husband of Barbara and old school friend of Trevor and Jenny. Self-assured, confident action man who must win at all costs. Did not do well at school and from a poor background but has succeeded in the world of commerce and enjoys flaunting his new found wealth.


Husband of Jenny and old school friend of John. Much more tentative than John. Did very well at school but now content in his role as a minor civil servant. Not very well off and a little jealous of John’s success.


Wife of Trevor, who she has known since her schooldays. Not pushy but the stronger partner. Knows her husband inside out and is a bit frustrated by his lack of drive and ambition. A caring, likeable person and gentler than Barbara. Shops at M&S.


Wife of John and the outsider in the group. Unlike her husband she comes from good stock and is used to the finer things in life. She has no large personal wealth but enjoys spending. Shops at Gucci. A strong, determined character with clear views and given to sarcasm.


The burglar. A career criminal past his prime but articulate and quick thinking, with a razor sharp mind. His skills of perception far outweigh his woeful ability as a burglar. A world weary, wily old fox who is a bit of a lovable rogue.

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